Black Friday Count Down – 8 More Days

Our fuzzy friend Harold is back on the web cam to remind everyone that there is only 8 days left to Black Friday 2012! Harold is hoping to pick up a deal on an LCD TV, or something of the sort, so his darn kids can go play Playstation somewhere else.

Make sure to stay tuned, as he’ll be keeping count on where to get savings at EB Games, Future Shop, Wal-mart, Best Buy and more.

Tiger Direct – Cyber Monday has Never Looked this Good

Tiger Direct - Black Friday and Cyber Monday ComputersWe all know how amazing Tiger Direct is and how amazing their online deals are. Over the decades, the online retailer has garnered a lot of respect and admiration from buyers of consumer electronics and computers. However, there is one day that even this level of admiration and respect go to a new level. It is when Tiger Direct Cyber Monday deals are available that people really show their love.

Best Buy Black Friday Gets Shoppers The Best TV Prices

TVs are a great holiday gift that the entire family can use, and Best Buy Black Friday had some of the best dealsBlack Friday TV Deals from Best Buy in 2011 for Canadian shoppers. What kid wouldn’t want to wake up Christmas morning to find an enormous new TV waiting for him so he could watch his favorite Christmas movies? The infamous shopping day came to Canada last year for the first time in most large chain stores. TVs are some of the most popular items that sell at this time of year. Men who love sports also love getting TVs as gifts so they can watch their favorite game on a big screen.

Wal-Mart Black Friday – Huge Sales on TV’s

Black Friday sales on TVs at WalmartMore Canadian shoppers than ever before jumped in on the Black Friday trend in 2011, and Wal-Mart Black Friday had some of the best deals. This unofficial holiday, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally brings people to the stores in droves. Wal-Mart put its electronics on sale at midnight last year, which is a crazy time to shop for most people, but others were willing to make the sacrifice of sleep to get the best deals, especially because popular items will only be there as long as supplies last.

Best Buy Knows Black Friday Entertainment

Find Entertainment deals for Best Buy Black Friday sale 2012Best Buy is a store that really knows what it’s talking about when it comes to entertainment, and they had some of the best sales ever in 2011 for their Best Buy Black Friday. After all, they sell just about every electronic imaginable, entire entertainment and theatre systems, games, DVDs, CDs, DVD players, speakers and headphones, and the hugely popular Blu-Ray systems. In Canada, the day after Thanksgiving is just beginning to become some die-hard shoppers’ favorite shopping day because of all of the money they can save.