Black Friday to Start Thursday at Wal-mart

Wal-mart to open on Thursday for Black FridaySeems as though the Black Friday hours get longer with every passing year. In the US, amid talks of a walkout among Wal-mart workers, the retail titan has decided to extend its sale hours into the previous day; American Thanksgiving.

The news was spotted today in this article, and shows the Wal-mart isn’t too worried about the unrest that is brewing in their mid-west American locations. The traditional “door crashers” will be released at 8PM on American thanksgiving, with all stores planning to stay open unless state laws disallow it.

Black Friday Sales – Budget Friendly Appliances at Home Depot

Home Depot Employee in the Appliance Isle on Black FridayThanksgiving is just around the corner and Canadian families are already gearing up for Black Friday sales. Before we predict what Home Depot will be dishing out at the most anticipated shopping event this year, let’s see what they had customers breaking the doors down for in 2011.

Many Canadian citizens flocked to Home Depot clutching their Black Friday flyers last year and for good reason. Appliances were being snatched from the get go since the outlets offered shiny household appliances that had as much as $200 cut from their original price tags. (more…)