Canadian Tire 3 day Black Friday Sale Flyer

Black Friday Flyer for Canadian TireWe’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether or not Canadian Tire is having a Black Friday sale and the answer is YES!

Not only is this Canadian staple having a Black Friday sale, they’re having a 3 day event. If you’re planning on shopping on Friday or Saturday, Canadian Tire has indicated that their stores will open two hours earlier. This means the savings start at 7 AM.

Canadian Tire and Black Friday – A Winning Combination

Canadian Tire Black Friday Tool Sales?If there was ever a time of the year where you should buy to your heart’s content, it is Black Friday. It is the time of the year when prices are slashed to unbelievable levels. When it comes to Black Friday, Canadian Tire Black Friday deals are some of the best that you will ever find.

Canadian Tire is a renowned store for all your needs; a retail store. They are famously known for their incredible Black Friday deals where electronics, hardware and tools reach all time low prices. In 2011, Canadian Tire Black Friday sales were through the roof. The sale went on for 3 days; November 25-28. (more…) – Getting the Best of Cyber Monday Cyber Monday Finding the best deals is not an easy task. More often than not, you have to spend hours trying to find the best deals around. Fortunately for you, there is a blessing known as Cyber Monday. During this time of the year, you can find the best Cyber Monday deals. Though, you have to make your purchases within Cyber Monday hours.

We all know as the giant online store; one where you can find practically anything you want. From baby clothes to kitchen and home products, you can find anything you want. However, it does get better. Every year, millions of people purchase hundreds, if not thousands of goods during this time.

Canadian Tire – Deck the Halls with Amazing Sales this Black Friday

Black Friday at Canadian TireNothing heralds Christmas more than shiny new Christmas decorations. The Holiday season is just around the corner but not before the Black Friday sales that Canadian families have been waiting for. Canadian Tire had some of the best deals in holiday baubles in 2011. If their sales were anything to go by looks like Canada’s best brand will be giving families something more to look forward to in 2012 as well.

The store offered a special 3 day sale from everything that could make last year’s Christmas merry indeed from a 100 piece set for $29.99 to 24 pre-lit tabletop trees for $14.99. Besides these, the store also had popular holiday items like easy to assemble Noma pre-lit Douglas trees for $49.00 apiece. (more…)

Home Depot and Black Friday – The Perfect Time to Stock up for Christmas

Home Depot Black Friday SalesBlack Friday is a simple time that comes every year where you will find more savings in one day than in the entire year put together. One great place with great Black Friday deals is Home Depot. Ever since it was founded in 1978, Home Depot has been providing high quality home construction and renovation products and even services.

In 2011, Home Depot Black Friday hours started from Friday (25th of November) at 5am. The Home Depot Black Friday deals that were available during that time were truly amazing. As expected, Home Depot Black Friday sales attracted scores of people; people who bought more goods in one day than they may have throughout the rest of the year.