Black Friday Sales – Budget Friendly Appliances at Home Depot

Home Depot Employee in the Appliance Isle on Black FridayThanksgiving is just around the corner and Canadian families are already gearing up for Black Friday sales. Before we predict what Home Depot will be dishing out at the most anticipated shopping event this year, let’s see what they had customers breaking the doors down for in 2011.

Many Canadian citizens flocked to Home Depot clutching their Black Friday flyers last year and for good reason. Appliances were being snatched from the get go since the outlets offered shiny household appliances that had as much as $200 cut from their original price tags. (more…)

Wal-Mart Black Friday: Awesome Sales on Kids’ Products

Kids Playing with their Black Friday toysIn 2011, Wal-Mart Black Friday pulled in the Canadian shoppers like never before. Although the day after Thanksgiving may not be as well-known of a holiday as its American counterpart, it was a hit in 2011 and will begin to garner more shoppers each year. Some retailers in Canada, such as Wal-Mart, advertised for this day for the first time ever. Now Canadian pre-season Christmas shoppers who are eager to get most of their shopping done before December arrives won’t have to cross the border to get in on the sale action!

Old Navy Black Friday Santa’s Best Helper With Some Great Clothing For Kids

Black Friday Old Navy Sales 2012Parents couldn’t have been happier last year when Old Navy Black Friday came to Canada. The household name, which advertises itself as a store that has clothes for the whole family, indeed has a huge variety of stuff for kids and even babies. They called it their “Gobble Palooza,” starting sales from when the store opened at midnight on Friday and continuing them for three days. This unofficial holiday is vital to many people that need to get the best prices on holiday presents.

Best Buy Black Friday Incredible Computer Sales

Black Friday - Best Buy SalesBest Buy Black Friday opened its doors to customers at midnight on Friday last year for shoppers eager to get laptop and desktop computers for cheap. This shopping day made its debut, of sorts, in Canada last year, and while it wasn’t as crazy as the U.S.’s Black Friday, many Canadian shoppers said they preferred it that way. This year for Black Friday 2012 there’ll likely be a repeat of the same sales—perhaps even bigger ones. As customers typically start lining up outside the store hours beforehand, Best Buy said they would pass out tickets to people waiting in line two hours before midnight for people to get in.