Black Friday at – Day 3 Black Friday Deals - Day 3Black Friday week at continues to churn out the deals. Today’s stack has a few gems and a bit more of the same.

Looking for a camera deal? Amazon may just be able to deliver. While the headline says that all camera’s are 40% off, that isn’t entirely true. If you’re in the market for a pro or ‘prosumer’ camera, it looks as thought you’re out of luck in today’s sale. However, for those of you who just need a simple point and shoot device to capture family moments or bleary bar nights with friends, there are some options. Most model’s are Cannon and you’ll have to do some research to ensure that the quality is up to par, but you should be able to nab a nice photo snapper for $100 – $150.

Will Canada Care About Black Friday?

Black Friday in CanadaWhile Black Friday is always a day off for a majority of our friends in America. It is just starting to gain momentum with Canadians. Many of us cross the border to try and cash in on Black Friday sales at big name US retailers.
Everyone loves a good discount, especially during the stressful holiday season. A Bank of Montreal study predicts as many as 1 in 5 Canadians will make the journey to America to try and take advantage of the savings on November 23rd.

With profits going south, more and more stores in Canada are attempting similar promotions to the American Black Friday. This year, for example, there will be extended hours for Black Friday sales at Toys’r'Us. Classic Canadian merchant the Bay has also announced a string of one day sales in conjunction with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for deal savvy canucks.

Black Friday Sales – Toys for your Little Princess at Toys R Us

Toys R Us Black Friday Sales in CanadaBlack Friday sales, even the term itself sends a ripple of anxious anticipation down your spine. Occurring before all of the Thanksgiving leftovers are finished, the auspicious shopping holiday is enjoyed by Canadian families hoping to get their hands on the most popular girl toys at half the price at Toys R Us, the biggest and most popular toy supllier in the Western world.

Black Friday Count Down – 15 More Days!

Things are heating up as we get closer to Black Friday 2012. Harold has been saving his pennies up, have you? has announced that they will be doing a full week of Black Friday sales to help get consumers in the shopping mood. Stay tuned to our Amazon Black Friday feed to see what kinds of books, household items and electronics come up for grabs this holiday shopping season.

Canadian Tire and Black Friday – A Winning Combination

Canadian Tire Black Friday Tool Sales?If there was ever a time of the year where you should buy to your heart’s content, it is Black Friday. It is the time of the year when prices are slashed to unbelievable levels. When it comes to Black Friday, Canadian Tire Black Friday deals are some of the best that you will ever find.

Canadian Tire is a renowned store for all your needs; a retail store. They are famously known for their incredible Black Friday deals where electronics, hardware and tools reach all time low prices. In 2011, Canadian Tire Black Friday sales were through the roof. The sale went on for 3 days; November 25-28. (more…)

EB Games Expected to Dish out Stellar Deals for Black Friday 2012

EB Games Black Friday Video games don’t come cheap. With popular games like Halo coming for $60 at regular rates, it’s no wonder why gaming enthusiasts prefer doing their holiday shopping during Black Friday hours. Canadian gamers were more than happy at what EB Games outlets had on offer last year with popular games going for half the price that they were originally worth.

Most games saved customers about $20 to $25 on purchase. Some of the more famous titles like Batman Arkham City had its original price slashed from $59 to $39.99. Other games like Lego Harry Potter which was worth $49.99 was being sold at $34.99 at Black Friday rates, Call of Duty Black Ops was originally worth $59 but was snatched up for $29, Call of duty World at War which saved customers $10 at $9, Just Dance which saved gamers $15 at $24, Dead Island which saved customers $15 and was going for $34.99.

Canadian Tire – Deck the Halls with Amazing Sales this Black Friday

Black Friday at Canadian TireNothing heralds Christmas more than shiny new Christmas decorations. The Holiday season is just around the corner but not before the Black Friday sales that Canadian families have been waiting for. Canadian Tire had some of the best deals in holiday baubles in 2011. If their sales were anything to go by looks like Canada’s best brand will be giving families something more to look forward to in 2012 as well.

The store offered a special 3 day sale from everything that could make last year’s Christmas merry indeed from a 100 piece set for $29.99 to 24 pre-lit tabletop trees for $14.99. Besides these, the store also had popular holiday items like easy to assemble Noma pre-lit Douglas trees for $49.00 apiece. (more…)

Old Navy Black Friday – Winter Staples for Women

Womens Black Friday Deals at Old NavyCanada has just started to partake in Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year that kick starts the holiday season, and Old Navy Black Friday had some of the best prices on clothes for women on this day in 2011. This clothing store is notoriously inexpensive, so sales of clothing up to 50 percent off or more is like a dream come true for people trying to save money. Women’s clothes and accessories make great gifts for moms, sisters, girlfriends, wives, female colleagues, and friends.

Amazing Camera Deals at Wal-Mart Black Friday

Black Friday camera deals for 2012Wal-Mart Black Friday in 2011 really allowed the retail giant to live up to its promise to allow people to save money, putting its biggest and most expensive items 20 to 50 percent off their already low prices. The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year for the United States, jumping off the holiday shopping season, and Canadian retailers are finally jumping on board. Stores also typically make more money on Black Friday than usual, so it’s not only beneficial to customers, but profitable for the retailers as well.

Old Navy Black Friday: Clothing Steals and Deals

Old Navy - Black Friday DealsA shopping sensation that swept the Canadian nation last year was Old Navy Black Friday, which arrived the day after Thanksgiving. This shopping holiday is meant for people to get a head start on their Christmas and holiday shopping so they can avoid last minute rushes on Christmas Eve. It also boasts some of the biggest dips in prices ever, which is great for people who have a lot of others to shop for and big families. Old Navy is one of those stores that already has super low prices, so their Black Friday sales make their clothes even more affordable.