Canadian Stores Extend Black Friday Hours – Is it Enough?

Black Friday in Canada
Black Friday is an American invention. In our previous post we wondered aloud whether or not Canadians are going to care about Black Friday. So far it’s hard to tell.
This article indicates that Ottawa malls will be opening earlier and staying open later in a bid to compete with US stores, but it is unclear whether or not they’ll be able to go toe to toe on what matters: price. Commenter “Bob G” responded to the article with this:

These Ottawa malls will have to do alot more than extend hours to stop me from heading south to get some great deals. If they want my dollar, make it worth my while and give great prices…


Will Canada Care About Black Friday?

Black Friday in CanadaWhile Black Friday is always a day off for a majority of our friends in America. It is just starting to gain momentum with Canadians. Many of us cross the border to try and cash in on Black Friday sales at big name US retailers.
Everyone loves a good discount, especially during the stressful holiday season. A Bank of Montreal study predicts as many as 1 in 5 Canadians will make the journey to America to try and take advantage of the savings on November 23rd.

With profits going south, more and more stores in Canada are attempting similar promotions to the American Black Friday. This year, for example, there will be extended hours for Black Friday sales at Toys’r'Us. Classic Canadian merchant the Bay has also announced a string of one day sales in conjunction with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for deal savvy canucks.

Black Friday to Start Thursday at Wal-mart

Wal-mart to open on Thursday for Black FridaySeems as though the Black Friday hours get longer with every passing year. In the US, amid talks of a walkout among Wal-mart workers, the retail titan has decided to extend its sale hours into the previous day; American Thanksgiving.

The news was spotted today in this article, and shows the Wal-mart isn’t too worried about the unrest that is brewing in their mid-west American locations. The traditional “door crashers” will be released at 8PM on American thanksgiving, with all stores planning to stay open unless state laws disallow it.

Black Friday Count Down – 15 More Days!

Things are heating up as we get closer to Black Friday 2012. Harold has been saving his pennies up, have you? has announced that they will be doing a full week of Black Friday sales to help get consumers in the shopping mood. Stay tuned to our Amazon Black Friday feed to see what kinds of books, household items and electronics come up for grabs this holiday shopping season.

Black Friday Sales – Budget Friendly Appliances at Home Depot

Home Depot Employee in the Appliance Isle on Black FridayThanksgiving is just around the corner and Canadian families are already gearing up for Black Friday sales. Before we predict what Home Depot will be dishing out at the most anticipated shopping event this year, let’s see what they had customers breaking the doors down for in 2011.

Many Canadian citizens flocked to Home Depot clutching their Black Friday flyers last year and for good reason. Appliances were being snatched from the get go since the outlets offered shiny household appliances that had as much as $200 cut from their original price tags. (more…)

EB Games Expected to Dish out Stellar Deals for Black Friday 2012

EB Games Black Friday Video games don’t come cheap. With popular games like Halo coming for $60 at regular rates, it’s no wonder why gaming enthusiasts prefer doing their holiday shopping during Black Friday hours. Canadian gamers were more than happy at what EB Games outlets had on offer last year with popular games going for half the price that they were originally worth.

Most games saved customers about $20 to $25 on purchase. Some of the more famous titles like Batman Arkham City had its original price slashed from $59 to $39.99. Other games like Lego Harry Potter which was worth $49.99 was being sold at $34.99 at Black Friday rates, Call of Duty Black Ops was originally worth $59 but was snatched up for $29, Call of duty World at War which saved customers $10 at $9, Just Dance which saved gamers $15 at $24, Dead Island which saved customers $15 and was going for $34.99.

Get Ready for Black Friday at Future Shop in 2012

Future Shop - Cyber MondayCanadian families are already hauling their tents from storage in anticipation of Black Friday sales at Best Buy this year. It seemed just yesterday when customers were breaking down the doors for last year’s sales. With Black Friday 2011 being so promising for the popular electronics brand, it seems like gadget enthusiasts will not be disappointed this year either.

The fact that items from famous electronic brands flew off the shelves at half the price was enough to leave every customer frothing at the mouth. And what do customers make a beeline for once the doors slide open and let the first barrage in? The answer is flat screen televisions.

The items on offer included 42 inch Class LCD HDTV from Sharp that was being sold for the mere price of $199. Other gizmos included Samsung laptops with Intel Pentium Processors for @299, the much coveted PlayStation 3 console whose Black Friday price tag was $199, Toshiba hard drives that were snatched up for $29, Kodak Playfull HD Camcorders that were on sale for $69 , 24 inch LCD HDTVs from DYNEX that were being sold for as little as $79 as well as an assortment of other electronic goodies for eager shoppers.

Couple an impressive inventory of items with budget friendly prices and it is no wonder why Best Buy fans are already looking forward to Black Friday sales this year. One thing is for sure, they can expect the popular retailer to dish out even more amazing electronics brands after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday Sales and Toys for Tots at Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Toy Sales Black Friday

Canadian families clutching Black Friday flyers shopped in droves at the retail giant Canadian Tire in 2011. And what gets parents all up about at 5 in the morning to take part in one of the most anticipated shopping event ever? It’s their children.

Business was good for the popular Canadian brand in 2011. People lined up for the chance to save a few dollars as the brand had slashed prices on some of the most sought after items. Most items came for 50% less than their original price like the Operation Buzz Lightyear board game from the popular Toy Story franchise that flew off the shelves at $9.99. Consumers also had a choice of selecting other toys in this range like Barbie doll with fashions, Littlest Pet Shop collectibles in 3-pack and 4-pack Tonka Tough trucks.

Wal-Mart Black Friday: Awesome Sales on Kids’ Products

Kids Playing with their Black Friday toysIn 2011, Wal-Mart Black Friday pulled in the Canadian shoppers like never before. Although the day after Thanksgiving may not be as well-known of a holiday as its American counterpart, it was a hit in 2011 and will begin to garner more shoppers each year. Some retailers in Canada, such as Wal-Mart, advertised for this day for the first time ever. Now Canadian pre-season Christmas shoppers who are eager to get most of their shopping done before December arrives won’t have to cross the border to get in on the sale action!

Best Buy Knows Black Friday Entertainment

Find Entertainment deals for Best Buy Black Friday sale 2012Best Buy is a store that really knows what it’s talking about when it comes to entertainment, and they had some of the best sales ever in 2011 for their Best Buy Black Friday. After all, they sell just about every electronic imaginable, entire entertainment and theatre systems, games, DVDs, CDs, DVD players, speakers and headphones, and the hugely popular Blu-Ray systems. In Canada, the day after Thanksgiving is just beginning to become some die-hard shoppers’ favorite shopping day because of all of the money they can save.