REMINDER: Tomorrow Is Black Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends to the south. You know what that means? Tomorrow is Black Friday!

After all the speculation, the pre-Black Friday deals and the talk of who wants to buy what, let’s pull out the ol’ wallets and get the gifts rollin’ in. Harold made a short video to remind you event the event so check out what his furry face has to say.

Also, keep in mind that many Canadian stores and malls are open earlier than usual tomorrow, so check with your local retailers to see when they’re open and what kind of deals are available.

Canadian Stores Extend Black Friday Hours – Is it Enough?

Black Friday in Canada
Black Friday is an American invention. In our previous post we wondered aloud whether or not Canadians are going to care about Black Friday. So far it’s hard to tell.
This article indicates that Ottawa malls will be opening earlier and staying open later in a bid to compete with US stores, but it is unclear whether or not they’ll be able to go toe to toe on what matters: price. Commenter “Bob G” responded to the article with this:

These Ottawa malls will have to do alot more than extend hours to stop me from heading south to get some great deals. If they want my dollar, make it worth my while and give great prices…


Will Canada Care About Black Friday?

Black Friday in CanadaWhile Black Friday is always a day off for a majority of our friends in America. It is just starting to gain momentum with Canadians. Many of us cross the border to try and cash in on Black Friday sales at big name US retailers.
Everyone loves a good discount, especially during the stressful holiday season. A Bank of Montreal study predicts as many as 1 in 5 Canadians will make the journey to America to try and take advantage of the savings on November 23rd.

With profits going south, more and more stores in Canada are attempting similar promotions to the American Black Friday. This year, for example, there will be extended hours for Black Friday sales at Toys’r'Us. Classic Canadian merchant the Bay has also announced a string of one day sales in conjunction with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for deal savvy canucks.

Black Friday Count Down – 8 More Days

Our fuzzy friend Harold is back on the web cam to remind everyone that there is only 8 days left to Black Friday 2012! Harold is hoping to pick up a deal on an LCD TV, or something of the sort, so his darn kids can go play Playstation somewhere else.

Make sure to stay tuned, as he’ll be keeping count on where to get savings at EB Games, Future Shop, Wal-mart, Best Buy and more.

Black Friday Count Down – 15 More Days!

Things are heating up as we get closer to Black Friday 2012. Harold has been saving his pennies up, have you? has announced that they will be doing a full week of Black Friday sales to help get consumers in the shopping mood. Stay tuned to our Amazon Black Friday feed to see what kinds of books, household items and electronics come up for grabs this holiday shopping season.

21 more Days Until Black Friday…

It’s November first so the countdown to Black Friday begins. Are you excited yet?

Let’s do a quick recap. Amazon has announced that they’ll be doing a full week of promotions while Tiger Direct already leaked where some of the deals will be. Other Black Friday staples like Toys’R'Us and Wal-mart have remained silent thus far, but we’re expecting to get some details in the coming weeks.