Black Friday Sales – Toys for your Little Princess at Toys R Us

Toys R Us Black Friday Sales in CanadaBlack Friday sales, even the term itself sends a ripple of anxious anticipation down your spine. Occurring before all of the Thanksgiving leftovers are finished, the auspicious shopping holiday is enjoyed by Canadian families hoping to get their hands on the most popular girl toys at half the price at Toys R Us, the biggest and most popular toy supllier in the Western world.

Toys R Us – Best Toys for Boys During Black Friday Hours

Toys for Boys this Black FridayWhen the biggest toy franchise in the world says that it will slash prices this Black Friday, it’s bound to be something worth looking into. That is just what Canadian customers did at the Black Friday sales at Toys R Us in 2011. Canadian citizens looking for Black Friday hours were more than pleasantly surprised when they opened their Black Friday flyers for Toys R Us and saw what their baby boys were screaming for every holiday season at half the original price.

Some of the most popular toys on offer at one of the world’s biggest shopping season included the Ultimate Optimus Prime action figure from the Transformers franchise and the movie spinoff. The toy was promoted for children between ages 5 or up and was being sold at $47.99 apiece.

Toys’R'Us Black Friday Deals – Time for Parents to Save

Toys R Us - Black FridayFounded back in 1948, Toys’R'Us have made a huge name for themselves in the toy and electronics industry. Now, they sell literally thousands of products for kids and teenagers. However, if there was any time to go to Toys’R'Us, it would be during Toys’R'Us Black Friday Hours. Black Friday is a time of the year where you can save more than you ever thought possible.