EB Games Expected to Dish out Stellar Deals for Black Friday 2012

EB Games Black Friday Video games don’t come cheap. With popular games like Halo coming for $60 at regular rates, it’s no wonder why gaming enthusiasts prefer doing their holiday shopping during Black Friday hours. Canadian gamers were more than happy at what EB Games outlets had on offer last year with popular games going for half the price that they were originally worth.

Most games saved customers about $20 to $25 on purchase. Some of the more famous titles like Batman Arkham City had its original price slashed from $59 to $39.99. Other games like Lego Harry Potter which was worth $49.99 was being sold at $34.99 at Black Friday rates, Call of Duty Black Ops was originally worth $59 but was snatched up for $29, Call of duty World at War which saved customers $10 at $9, Just Dance which saved gamers $15 at $24, Dead Island which saved customers $15 and was going for $34.99.

EB Games – Consoles Set to take Black Friday Sales by Storm in 2012

Black Friday Sales at EB GamesThanksgiving is just around the corner and retailers are already reinforcing their doors for the Black Friday sales that will be sure to follow at retailers like EB Games. Most Canadian residents are anticipating low prices on some of the most popular gaming consoles around like the PlayStation 3, PSP and the Xbox 360 especially when the platforms flew off the shelves at half of their original price last year after Thanksgiving.

Last year’s sales at EB Games were worth looking forward to with consoles saving gamers young and old as much as $99 while supplies lasted. The fact that popular PS3 titles were being offered at budget friendly rates was also what made gaming enthusiasts leap for joy.
Some refurbished consoles were also available at lower prices like the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL and Nintendo DS LITE which were being sold for $99, $79, $59 respectively. (more…)