Amazing Camera Deals at Wal-Mart Black Friday

Black Friday camera deals for 2012Wal-Mart Black Friday in 2011 really allowed the retail giant to live up to its promise to allow people to save money, putting its biggest and most expensive items 20 to 50 percent off their already low prices. The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year for the United States, jumping off the holiday shopping season, and Canadian retailers are finally jumping on board. Stores also typically make more money on Black Friday than usual, so it’s not only beneficial to customers, but profitable for the retailers as well.

Old Navy Black Friday: Clothing Steals and Deals

Old Navy - Black Friday DealsA shopping sensation that swept the Canadian nation last year was Old Navy Black Friday, which arrived the day after Thanksgiving. This shopping holiday is meant for people to get a head start on their Christmas and holiday shopping so they can avoid last minute rushes on Christmas Eve. It also boasts some of the biggest dips in prices ever, which is great for people who have a lot of others to shop for and big families. Old Navy is one of those stores that already has super low prices, so their Black Friday sales make their clothes even more affordable.

Best Buy Knows Black Friday Entertainment

Find Entertainment deals for Best Buy Black Friday sale 2012Best Buy is a store that really knows what it’s talking about when it comes to entertainment, and they had some of the best sales ever in 2011 for their Best Buy Black Friday. After all, they sell just about every electronic imaginable, entire entertainment and theatre systems, games, DVDs, CDs, DVD players, speakers and headphones, and the hugely popular Blu-Ray systems. In Canada, the day after Thanksgiving is just beginning to become some die-hard shoppers’ favorite shopping day because of all of the money they can save.

Cyber Monday Deals at – What can we expect?

Wireless Keyboard on SaleWe’ve officially entered the second half of 2012 and while you may not want to think about it in the summer sun, Christmas will be here sooner than you think. Many Canadians are early birds and will complete their shopping online. Deal days such as Cyber Monday are quickly becoming an easy way for consumer to get big ticket items at a fraction of the cost.

Before making any bold predictions, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane and see what bargains were big on Cyber Monday last year. As always, electronics were a hot seller during the 2011 sale. This 16 megapixel Fujifilm camera was a fast seller. Considering the price was reduced by nearly 50%, it had to be hard for any camera shopper to turn down the opportunity.

Computers, laptops and accessories were also on at firesale prices. This Logitec wireless keyboard was reduced by 40%, making it easy for anyone with sixty dollars to make the jump into the cord free era. Given the overall demand for these types of products tends to stay steady or increase, we’re predicting these types of deals will pop up again for Cyber Monday in 2012.