EB Games Expected to Dish out Stellar Deals for Black Friday 2012

EB Games Black Friday Video games don’t come cheap. With popular games like Halo coming for $60 at regular rates, it’s no wonder why gaming enthusiasts prefer doing their holiday shopping during Black Friday hours. Canadian gamers were more than happy at what EB Games outlets had on offer last year with popular games going for half the price that they were originally worth.

Most games saved customers about $20 to $25 on purchase. Some of the more famous titles like Batman Arkham City had its original price slashed from $59 to $39.99. Other games like Lego Harry Potter which was worth $49.99 was being sold at $34.99 at Black Friday rates, Call of Duty Black Ops was originally worth $59 but was snatched up for $29, Call of duty World at War which saved customers $10 at $9, Just Dance which saved gamers $15 at $24, Dead Island which saved customers $15 and was going for $34.99.

Get Ready for Black Friday at Future Shop in 2012

Future Shop - Cyber MondayCanadian families are already hauling their tents from storage in anticipation of Black Friday sales at Best Buy this year. It seemed just yesterday when customers were breaking down the doors for last year’s sales. With Black Friday 2011 being so promising for the popular electronics brand, it seems like gadget enthusiasts will not be disappointed this year either.

The fact that items from famous electronic brands flew off the shelves at half the price was enough to leave every customer frothing at the mouth. And what do customers make a beeline for once the doors slide open and let the first barrage in? The answer is flat screen televisions.

The items on offer included 42 inch Class LCD HDTV from Sharp that was being sold for the mere price of $199. Other gizmos included Samsung laptops with Intel Pentium Processors for @299, the much coveted PlayStation 3 console whose Black Friday price tag was $199, Toshiba hard drives that were snatched up for $29, Kodak Playfull HD Camcorders that were on sale for $69 , 24 inch LCD HDTVs from DYNEX that were being sold for as little as $79 as well as an assortment of other electronic goodies for eager shoppers.

Couple an impressive inventory of items with budget friendly prices and it is no wonder why Best Buy fans are already looking forward to Black Friday sales this year. One thing is for sure, they can expect the popular retailer to dish out even more amazing electronics brands after Thanksgiving.

Toys R Us – Best Toys for Boys During Black Friday Hours

Toys for Boys this Black FridayWhen the biggest toy franchise in the world says that it will slash prices this Black Friday, it’s bound to be something worth looking into. That is just what Canadian customers did at the Black Friday sales at Toys R Us in 2011. Canadian citizens looking for Black Friday hours were more than pleasantly surprised when they opened their Black Friday flyers for Toys R Us and saw what their baby boys were screaming for every holiday season at half the original price.

Some of the most popular toys on offer at one of the world’s biggest shopping season included the Ultimate Optimus Prime action figure from the Transformers franchise and the movie spinoff. The toy was promoted for children between ages 5 or up and was being sold at $47.99 apiece.

21 more Days Until Black Friday…

It’s November first so the countdown to Black Friday begins. Are you excited yet?

Let’s do a quick recap. Amazon has announced that they’ll be doing a full week of promotions while Tiger Direct already leaked where some of the deals will be. Other Black Friday staples like Toys’R'Us and Wal-mart have remained silent thus far, but we’re expecting to get some details in the coming weeks.

Black Friday Sales at Home Depot Expected to Take Customers by Storm

Home Depot Black FridayBlack Friday sales aren’t reserved for the biggest toy and electronics brands alone. Die hard tool enthusiasts also flock to Home Depot take advantage of the most awaited discounted sale season after Thanksgiving.

It’s time to upgrade your hardware with the best that money can buy. How about if the equipment was available at half the price? Customers were not disappointed in power tools sales last year. The home improvement product supplier kicked off the shopping season by slashing its prices to affordable rates. Handymen and women jumped for joy when they saw the Dewalt Sliding compound Meter Saw price slashed down to $399 from its original price of $599. Handymen also saved a few dollars for other household appliances as they purchased the Dewalt 18 volt 4 piece Combo kit that had its price tag slashed from $299 to $249.

Black Friday Sales and Toys for Tots at Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Toy Sales Black Friday

Canadian families clutching Black Friday flyers shopped in droves at the retail giant Canadian Tire in 2011. And what gets parents all up about at 5 in the morning to take part in one of the most anticipated shopping event ever? It’s their children.

Business was good for the popular Canadian brand in 2011. People lined up for the chance to save a few dollars as the brand had slashed prices on some of the most sought after items. Most items came for 50% less than their original price like the Operation Buzz Lightyear board game from the popular Toy Story franchise that flew off the shelves at $9.99. Consumers also had a choice of selecting other toys in this range like Barbie doll with fashions, Littlest Pet Shop collectibles in 3-pack and 4-pack Tonka Tough trucks.

Amazon.ca – Getting the Best of Cyber Monday

Amazon.ca Cyber Monday Finding the best deals is not an easy task. More often than not, you have to spend hours trying to find the best deals around. Fortunately for you, there is a blessing known as Cyber Monday. During this time of the year, you can find the best Amazon.ca Cyber Monday deals. Though, you have to make your purchases within Amazon.ca Cyber Monday hours.

We all know Amazon.ca as the giant online store; one where you can find practically anything you want. From baby clothes to kitchen and home products, you can find anything you want. However, it does get better. Every year, millions of people purchase hundreds, if not thousands of goods during this time.

EB Games – Consoles Set to take Black Friday Sales by Storm in 2012

Black Friday Sales at EB GamesThanksgiving is just around the corner and retailers are already reinforcing their doors for the Black Friday sales that will be sure to follow at retailers like EB Games. Most Canadian residents are anticipating low prices on some of the most popular gaming consoles around like the PlayStation 3, PSP and the Xbox 360 especially when the platforms flew off the shelves at half of their original price last year after Thanksgiving.

Last year’s sales at EB Games were worth looking forward to with consoles saving gamers young and old as much as $99 while supplies lasted. The fact that popular PS3 titles were being offered at budget friendly rates was also what made gaming enthusiasts leap for joy.
Some refurbished consoles were also available at lower prices like the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL and Nintendo DS LITE which were being sold for $99, $79, $59 respectively. (more…)

Canadian Tire – Deck the Halls with Amazing Sales this Black Friday

Black Friday at Canadian TireNothing heralds Christmas more than shiny new Christmas decorations. The Holiday season is just around the corner but not before the Black Friday sales that Canadian families have been waiting for. Canadian Tire had some of the best deals in holiday baubles in 2011. If their sales were anything to go by looks like Canada’s best brand will be giving families something more to look forward to in 2012 as well.

The store offered a special 3 day sale from everything that could make last year’s Christmas merry indeed from a 100 piece set for $29.99 to 24 pre-lit tabletop trees for $14.99. Besides these, the store also had popular holiday items like easy to assemble Noma pre-lit Douglas trees for $49.00 apiece. (more…)

Tiger Direct – Black Friday Savings, Direct to your Doorstep

Tiger Direct - Black Friday and Cyber Monday ComputersIn all honesty, both we all want to save as much money as possible, especially on electronics. Well that is what we have Black Friday sales for. Tiger Direct is an online superstore where you can find the best deals in electronics, particularly computers. When Black Friday comes around, watch out for some of the greatest discounts you will ever see on electronic items.

Tiger Direct allows you to buy electronics directly from their store; hence the Direct in Tiger Direct. Since its founding in 1989, Tiger Direct has gained the trust and admiration of literally millions of people worldwide. (more…)