Black Friday Count Down – 8 More Days

Our fuzzy friend Harold is back on the web cam to remind everyone that there is only 8 days left to Black Friday 2012! Harold is hoping to pick up a deal on an LCD TV, or something of the sort, so his darn kids can go play Playstation somewhere else.

Make sure to stay tuned, as he’ll be keeping count on where to get savings at EB Games, Future Shop, Wal-mart, Best Buy and more. – A ‘Jungle’ of Deals on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Amazon Canada - Cyber Monday DealsIf you are a gamer, then you know that there is only one time of the year where you can find the best deals. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about Cyber Monday. If you are looking for an entire collection of games at cheap prices, this is the time of the year to get it. If you purchase video games from, during Cyber Monday, you can expect to save hundreds of dollars.

Black Friday Sales – Toys for your Little Princess at Toys R Us

Toys R Us Black Friday Sales in CanadaBlack Friday sales, even the term itself sends a ripple of anxious anticipation down your spine. Occurring before all of the Thanksgiving leftovers are finished, the auspicious shopping holiday is enjoyed by Canadian families hoping to get their hands on the most popular girl toys at half the price at Toys R Us, the biggest and most popular toy supllier in the Western world.

Future Shop – The Future of Great Savings

Future Shop Black Friday SalesFuture shop is one exceptional store in Canada. If you know it already, you are lucky. If you don’t know about future shop, you soon will. Future shop offers some of the greatest savings you will ever see in your life. When Future Shop Black Friday deals come around, you are sure in for the time of your life; your wallet anyway.

It is almost impossible for anyone to not know what Future Shop is. It is the largest consumer electronics store in Canada. With over 150 stores, and more coming, Future Shop is the place where all Canadians go for all their electronic needs.

Tiger Direct – Cyber Monday has Never Looked this Good

Tiger Direct - Black Friday and Cyber Monday ComputersWe all know how amazing Tiger Direct is and how amazing their online deals are. Over the decades, the online retailer has garnered a lot of respect and admiration from buyers of consumer electronics and computers. However, there is one day that even this level of admiration and respect go to a new level. It is when Tiger Direct Cyber Monday deals are available that people really show their love.

Black Friday to Start Thursday at Wal-mart

Wal-mart to open on Thursday for Black FridaySeems as though the Black Friday hours get longer with every passing year. In the US, amid talks of a walkout among Wal-mart workers, the retail titan has decided to extend its sale hours into the previous day; American Thanksgiving.

The news was spotted today in this article, and shows the Wal-mart isn’t too worried about the unrest that is brewing in their mid-west American locations. The traditional “door crashers” will be released at 8PM on American thanksgiving, with all stores planning to stay open unless state laws disallow it.

Black Friday Count Down – 15 More Days!

Things are heating up as we get closer to Black Friday 2012. Harold has been saving his pennies up, have you? has announced that they will be doing a full week of Black Friday sales to help get consumers in the shopping mood. Stay tuned to our Amazon Black Friday feed to see what kinds of books, household items and electronics come up for grabs this holiday shopping season.

Black Friday Sales – Camera Sales to Kick into High Gear at Future Shop

Cyber Monday & Black Friday Camera DealsIf you are planning on taking your family for a trip to the Bahamas, you are going to need a state of the art camera to record the memorable moments. However, don’t take your wallet out just yet. Its best that you wait for the first Black Friday flyers from Future Shop. Why you ask? The popular electronics store has some of the world’s best brands in gizmos and gadgets on display. Add budget friendly Black Friday prices to the mix and see the snow shoes fly as the outlets open their doors.

Canadian Tire and Black Friday – A Winning Combination

Canadian Tire Black Friday Tool Sales?If there was ever a time of the year where you should buy to your heart’s content, it is Black Friday. It is the time of the year when prices are slashed to unbelievable levels. When it comes to Black Friday, Canadian Tire Black Friday deals are some of the best that you will ever find.

Canadian Tire is a renowned store for all your needs; a retail store. They are famously known for their incredible Black Friday deals where electronics, hardware and tools reach all time low prices. In 2011, Canadian Tire Black Friday sales were through the roof. The sale went on for 3 days; November 25-28. (more…)

Black Friday Sales – Budget Friendly Appliances at Home Depot

Home Depot Employee in the Appliance Isle on Black FridayThanksgiving is just around the corner and Canadian families are already gearing up for Black Friday sales. Before we predict what Home Depot will be dishing out at the most anticipated shopping event this year, let’s see what they had customers breaking the doors down for in 2011.

Many Canadian citizens flocked to Home Depot clutching their Black Friday flyers last year and for good reason. Appliances were being snatched from the get go since the outlets offered shiny household appliances that had as much as $200 cut from their original price tags. (more…)