Will Canada Care About Black Friday?

Black Friday in CanadaWhile Black Friday is always a day off for a majority of our friends in America. It is just starting to gain momentum with Canadians. Many of us cross the border to try and cash in on Black Friday sales at big name US retailers.
Everyone loves a good discount, especially during the stressful holiday season. A Bank of Montreal study predicts as many as 1 in 5 Canadians will make the journey to America to try and take advantage of the savings on November 23rd.

With profits going south, more and more stores in Canada are attempting similar promotions to the American Black Friday. This year, for example, there will be extended hours for Black Friday sales at Toys’r'Us. Classic Canadian merchant the Bay has also announced a string of one day sales in conjunction with both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for deal savvy canucks.

The big question looming is whether or not Canadians will actually care. It seems as though retailers are fighting harder to win customers over with every holiday season. Considering that most of us have to work on Black Friday, it will be interesting to see if these new promotions generate much business. While Canada hasn’t felt the economic downturn as much as America, it still remains a buyers market in our opinion.

If you do decide to take advantage of the longer store hours or skip work to grab a Canadian deal on Black Friday. Make sure to know your price points of what you’re purchasing. Just because it’s “on sale” doesn’t necessarily mean its a bargain.

Do you take advantage of Black Friday sales, or is it just another work day for you?

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