Canadian Stores Extend Black Friday Hours – Is it Enough?

Black Friday in Canada
Black Friday is an American invention. In our previous post we wondered aloud whether or not Canadians are going to care about Black Friday. So far it’s hard to tell.
This article indicates that Ottawa malls will be opening earlier and staying open later in a bid to compete with US stores, but it is unclear whether or not they’ll be able to go toe to toe on what matters: price. Commenter “Bob G” responded to the article with this:

These Ottawa malls will have to do alot more than extend hours to stop me from heading south to get some great deals. If they want my dollar, make it worth my while and give great prices…

That pretty much sums it up. To most consumers, the event isn’t about feeling great about how they shopped at their local Best Buy Black Friday sale, it’s about getting something expensive (or perceived to be) for an unbelievably low price. if American retailers can make it worth the time and gas mileage, it’s going to be a tough battle.

Winnipeg shopping center is taking a different approach on the “shop local” angle of Black Friday. According this local news article the Polo Park shopping center is launching a campaign with the tagline ‘no passport required’.

While it’s catchy and cute it’s hard to say if Canadians really care that much about whether or not their kid’s Christmas gift came from a local shop or not. Again, it seems as though price will be a deciding factor.

What do you think?

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