Black Friday Sales – Day 1 Black Friday Deals - Day 1

The day is finally here. We’ve been talking about Amazon’s Black Friday week sales for over a month now and today marks day one of the event. Our team bounced over to the main sale page to take a look and see what kind of savings were to be had.

The top deal of the day is an eliptical trainer for 45% off. While that means you could save over $600, the deal seems a bit weak. Most people don’t think about getting in shape until after a holiday filled with buttery treats and turkey. Even with 45% off it’s still over $800 and that seems a bit steep for most frugal Canadian bargain hunters.

Each of the daily deals has a meter to show what percentage of the items have been claimed. In today’s case, the little bars are acting as proof that the deals aren’t that great. We’re past mid-day in Central time and a majority of the deals have a claim rate around 30%.

The only Black Friday deal that’s showing some heat is a ESG Movado sports watch that’s going for half price, at $115. If you’re looking to get Dad a watch for christmas, this might be a good option.

Looking at the remaining deals, there is your usual slew of mediocre DVD’s and holiday favorites. Tablet & laptop discounts are on par with your average Best Buy or Future Shop sale. If you’re in the market for a computer, it may be worth holding out to see what the upcoming days bring.

Head over and take a look for yourself. We’d like to hear what you think of the deals in the comments below.

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